Each and every bottle on our list has been painstakingly hand selected by owners Paul Belcher & Coppelstone. We are proud to be the exclusive importers to the UK of Bodegas Felix Sanz, located in the heart of Rueda, not only are a wonderful team to work with but they have a great wine making heritage.

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Cimbrón Selección

This is a very special wine for Felix Sanz:

"we worked with a selection of grapes from our vineyard, followed by a very careful winemaking process and sur-lie ageing, approximately 4-6 months depending on the year. The result: a highly varietal wine, being the Verdejo variety present and accounted for. The mouthfeel tells you it´s a very powerful structured wine, lush and with a hint of sweetness (RS). That lushness comes most of all from the sur-lie ageing, being a very rounded wine. It is a wine that marinates perfectly accompanied by salad, pasta, rice, any kind of seafood or fish and even white meat. Being such a structured wine, it combines perfect as well with fatty fish."

Montenegro Barrica

Made with Tinta Fina grapes from a tiny number of old grapevines from the banks near the Ribera del Duero. Highly expressive wine, the fruit and variety are right up front. That red-fruit flavour and a refreshing black-fruit flavour are complemented elegantly by the wood (4 months in barrel). It has a touch of sweetness, toastiness and spice along with a touch of balsamic zing that opens your nose. The mouthfeel is young, with sweet and powerful tannins, being a well-structured wine. It is a well-balanced and easy to drink wine.

Montenegro Crianza

From the Ribera del Duero comes this wine being very delicate and made with extreme care, 14 months in the barrel, it is one of our more serious wines. It's a wine to enjoy, being a table wine that require your time. The fun thing about is that it´s changing aromas and expressivity: first you get the red fruit aroma, then a touch of coffee, sandalwood and liquorice. Then the complexity of the wood moves in with hints of roasted aromas but not masking the rest. The mouthfeel is lively and long, with very expressive tannins which provide a clean and noble taste. It´s a wine that goes very well with food due to its length and persistence.

Tinto Abad Martín

This wine is the offspring of two wine zones, blending Tempranillo from Rueda and Tinta de Toro from Toro. All along the same river, the Duero. It’s a cocktail that really does a fine job of defining what the wines of Castilla y León are. In nose the Tempranillo gives us that red-fruit, fresh-fruit elegance. Tinta de Toro gives us that potency that comes from riper dark fruits, that liquorice.

It’s a wine whose mouthfeel has got that strength, that potency, but it’s still very easy to drink. Very pleasant, with a hint of sweetness (RS).

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Inazio Urruzola Txakoli

The traditional Basque, lightly sparkling white wine, commonly seen being "long poured" at pintxos bars across San Sebastien. The Txakoli of choice at legendary restaurant Arzak, Inazio Urruzola Txakoli is a light and  crisp, with pear notes. 

The grape of choice is Hondarribi Zuri, the jewel of the Basque Country. The proximity of the Cantabrian sea and the Atlantic climate make this wine so distinctive.

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